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I agree that Knudsen Cottage Cheese has changed and for the worst. However, I've noticed that almost all commercial cottage cheese have had the same change.

I suspect that the industrial process has changed, and because people haven't been buying Cottage Cheese as much, preferring some of the yogurt offerings that have had lots of ad time, that the new process has stayed in place.

The basic change is that 'small curd' is not really 'small', and that there is far more cream than in the past.

Small curd in the past really was small, like 1/8 or so, perhaps as much as 1/4 inch. But now one finds 'small curd' with 3/4 curds, embedded in a soup of cream.

My most recent new experience was when I opened a container of Trader Joe's Cottage Cheese, and the top of the cheese looked like it was sourcream or yogurt, the cream had covered the curds completely. Using a spoon, to mix it up a bit, it was basically big curd soup.

Perhaps someone somewhere likes it that way. I don't, and now I'm thinking about making my own...

although the thought of listeria does give me pause...

and finding a pasteurized acceptable milk stock... probably expensive.

I wish that even the mention of facing listeria rather than buying the current Knudsen offering would suggest something to the corporate mavins, but I'll bet there won't be any effort to look into the matter.

Product or Service Mentioned: Knudsen Cottage Cheese.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Knudsen Pros: It is everywhere.

Knudsen Cons: It is everywhere bad.

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