Chandler, Arizona
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I have been buying your cottage cheese for over 40 years now and never a complaint. Your is the only brand I truly like and it has always been top notch until today.

The Knudsen Low Fat Cottage Cheese I opened had an unusual brown goop inside the top lid (I threw product away and did not eat).

Container had the safety seal so do not think it was tampered with but thought you might want this information. I am sending pictures for your inspection.

Thank you

Michael Frederick


Product or Service Mentioned: Knudsen Cottage Cheese.

Knudsen Pros: Like the product.

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I will not buy Knudson Low fat Cottage again. It's a crap shoot of what your going to get.

Last batch 8/20/2019 had no curd in it at all. It was like mild jello and I had bought two containers and both were like that.


you know the cottage cheese seems goupy and it isn't like it used to be - specifically the lowfat small curd - you to be firm and now its really kind of groteseque which is unfortunate.